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Our skilled professionals create investment programs by identifying solid investment... More >

Our skilled professionals create investment programs by identifying solid investment opportunities. Our industry knowledge spans multi-family residential, commercial and industrial real estate, senior housing (skilled nursing & assisted living) ownership and operations, and distressed residential mortgages.


In addition to sponsor and manager of various real estate product types, we're founders and... More >

In addition to sponsor and manager of various real estate product types, we're founders and managers of a senior housing operating company exceeding $500M annual revenue with over 150 years collective experience identifying, acquiring, managing and liquidating assets.


Quality investment opportunities can be challenging to source in a complex, changing... More >

Quality investment opportunities can be challenging to source in a complex, changing marketplace. Our seasoned team excels in identifying unique opportunities that may be overlooked by other investors due to poor management, marketing or infrastructure issues.


Our investments achieve consistently high returns while managing appropriate investor risk... More >

Our investments achieve consistently high returns while managing appropriate investor risk. We've produced over $400 million in asset value from our income producing properties. Today, we work with a diverse pool of institutional and retail investors, domestically and abroad.


Experience. Foresight. Reward.

Since 1995, Granite has been owner, sponsor or operator of over $1 billion of real estate assets with its many capital investment partners.

Historically based in the residential multi-family sector, Granite moved into other real estate opportunities according to the progress of the national economic cycle, market demand and the risk reward profile of each opportunity.

During the early 2000's, we commenced acquisition and operations in the senior housing healthcare sector. This was a shift in focus that provided a firmer foundation during the global financial crisis and national recession.

Granite also sponsors real estate investments in other asset classes, including self-storage, commercial and industrial properties, based on gauging market economics and risk reward balanced investment.

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Investor Relations

Granite Investment Group offers an exceptional Investor Relations. We recognize that each investors' needs may differ.  It is our job to accommodate investors' requirements and our commitment to do so in a timely and informative manner.

Granite's Investor Relations will keep you up to date on your investments, financials and performance.  From time to time we may provide newsworthy industry media and interesting information for your consideration.

In today's business and investment environment, Investor Relations requires clear communication, strong performance, accurate reporting and progressive technology – All achieved with the utmost of professionalism. “Attention to detail” is an adage we live by.  At Granite, we pledge to meet such goals and consistently earn investors' confidence in our services, year after year.

Current Investors

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Scott Rickard, CIO


Nicole Hallsey, Director of Investor Services


Our Staff

Granite Investment Group has a reputation as an experienced and reliable buyer, seller and sponsor of real estate investments in the private and institutional sectors. Granite's team of skilled real estate professionals offers a well-rounded level of experience gained from their individual backgrounds and diversification in multiple real estate product and geographical two billion dollars of commercial and residential real estate.

Allen L. Boerner
Allen L. Boerner,Allen L. Boerner,

Principal and Founder

Mr. Boerner has been involved in equity capital formation and investment, specializing in real estate for over thirty years. In 1976, Mr. Boerner formed his own real estate company in Southern California, specializing in brokerage, management, and syndication of investment income propertied.

In December of 1995, Mr. Boerner formed Granite Investment Group to capitalize on the opportunities in the Southern California marketplace. His network of high net worth sophisticated real estate investors has allowed the company to react quickly to profitable situations with the combination of adequate financial strength, strong real estate acquisition and operational experience.

Mr. Boerner also devotes much of his time outside of the office to various foundations and causes. Currently, he is serving on the Board of Directors for Lestonnac Clinic,  The Guardian Scholar Program at Cal State University Fullerton, Segerstrom Center for the Arts and Furnishing Hope.

Sandra Frey
Sandra Frey,Sandra Frey,

Transaction Coordinator

Mrs. Frey provides administrative support to the Senior Housing Division. She is actively involved in all transactional aspects, including the due diligence, acquisition and disposition process, as well as day-to-day management and communication with third parties, lenders, and attorneys etc.

Mrs. Frey rejoined Granite Investment Group in 2014 after spending several years as an Executive Assistant in Germany, where she was born and raised. She has enjoyed being the “right-hand woman” for Senior Management for the past 10 years. Prior to joining Granite, she was assisting senior staff in the acquisition and disposition of multi-family properties, senior housing portfolios, self-storage projects and other development opportunities.

Jeremy Hallsey
Jeremy Hallsey,Jeremy Hallsey,


Key Role:  Responsible for all corporate accounting functions for the Company, including its partnerships and Branson Property Management.

Experience:  Prior to joining Granite, Mr. Hallsey served in accounting and finance positions with Western National Group and Trinity Property Consultants.  Mr. Hallsey received his Bachelors Degree at Northern Arizona University.

Nicole R. Hallsey
Nicole R. Hallsey,Nicole R. Hallsey,

Director of Human Resources and Investor Services

Key Role: Responsible for Human Resources for Granite Investment Group and its affiliates.  Also oversees all Investor Services activity and securities compliance for the company's syndication projects.

Experience: Prior to joining Granite, Ms. Hallsey served as a Director of Human Resources for Trinity Property Consultants for several years, where she was responsible for all human resource activity for 350 employees.  During her tenure at Trinity and Granite, Ms. Hallsey has developed expertise in all aspects of Human Resource Management, including employee relations, employment and labor law compliance, compensation packages and benefits.  She has been a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) since 2003.

Jennifer Lim
Jennifer Lim,Jennifer Lim,

Senior Staff Accountant

Key Role:  Responsible for various duties in accounting and finance.

Experience: Prior to joining Granite, Ms. Lim worked in real estate investment firm, DTI Investments as an accountant. Ms. Lim received her bachelor's degree at California State University, Los Angeles.

Amber Marceau
Amber Marceau,Amber Marceau,

Personal Assistant to Principal and Founder

Key Role:  Responsible for handling all personal financial activities for Allen Boerner.

Experience:  Mrs. Marceau joined Granite in late 1998 where she was responsible for supporting the Investment Division, handling the coordination of property acquisitions and was actively involved with the refinancing and sale of properties in the portfolio.  Mrs. Marceau also was responsible for all corporate marketing materials and the various aspects of Corporate Communications prior to being appointed to her current role.

Jason Price
Jason Price,Jason Price,

Senior Vice President, Senior Housing

Key Role:   Mr. Price oversees all aspects of Granite's  Senior Housing Group. His role includes procuring, negotiating and acquiring seniors housing assets, development of operating company relationships, and asset disposition and both asset and entity level capitalization strategies and programs for the Senior Housing Group.
Mr. Price has worked within the healthcare and financial services industries for 15 years.  At Granite he has been part of the acquisition of nearly $1 billion in assets, including $600 million in seniors housing assets.  Previously he managed a network of 200+ physicians in New England engaged in Medicare risk contracting.
In 2009 he was nominated to the NIC Future Leaders Council.  Previously he was selected as a Kauffman Entrepreneurship grant recipient.
Mr. Price earned an MBA from the Babson College and graduated with a BA from Boston University. 

Scott Rickard
Scott Rickard,Scott Rickard,

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rickard is responsible for the development and implementation of the capital strategies for the company and its affiliated entities. Responsibilities also include maintaining and growing the company’s equity capital partner relationships, which currently consist of predominately High Net Worth individuals, small to medium sized family office groups and private equity firms both foreign and domestic. Mr. Rickard has been with the company since 2002, and has almost 30 years of extensive experience in real estate investment capital transactions. Prior to joining Granite Investment Group, Mr. Rickard served as President and Executive Director of one of the nation’s largest commercial real estate brokerage networks, which included licensed brokers in 40 cities. Mr. Rickard is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive) and previously worked with Arthur Andersen & Company.

Tara White
Tara White,Tara White,

Executive Assistant to Principal and Founder



John J. Heller
John J. Heller,John J. Heller,

Senior Advisor

Mr. Heller is the President of Granite Investment Group and has been with the company since 1996.  Mr. Heller has had extensive experience in real estate income property transactions over the past twenty five years. 

Prior to joining Granite, Mr. Heller served as Vice President for Commercial Real Estate Owned Department for Home Savings of America, where he was responsible for directing the asset management activities for the commercial REO portfolio. He received his BA in Finance with an emphasis on Securities and Investments from California State University, Fullerton in 1982.


Senior Housing


Success in Senior Housing and Skilled Nursing Sectors

The population is growing at a faster rate among older ages than younger, making senior housing a very lucrative investment segment.

Potential for attractive yields and unique demographic and financial characteristics has resulted in senior housing real estate becoming a primary real estate asset class, enhancing the valuations of specialty healthcare REITs.

We have typically focused our senior housing efforts on the skilled nursing sector with an eye to the future on assisted living options. An appeal of senior housing investing is its resistance to downturns in economy, unlike economic pressures generally associated with the multi-family sector.

Transition to Regional Investments and Class A and B Quality Assets

In 2004, we established assisted living and skilled nursing real estate holdings with a regional investment focus in the southwest and mid-west, and an operating business in the southwest. By late 2008, we accumulated a senior housing real estate portfolio currently valued at approximately $500 million.

Granite typically focuses on newer, Class A and B quality assets that produce double-digit annual yields on investment. Investment transactions typically range from $10 million to $250 million, with a history of stabilized operations preferred.

An Eye Toward The Future

To date, we have acquired both individual nursing facilities as well as portfolio acquisitions. We are searching for attractive investment opportunities in skilled nursing and assisted living and in other selected regions, based on the company's comprehensive evaluation of market factors, including population, demographics, state reimbursement policies and budget condition, and existing supply (occupancy, condition and age) among other factors.




Our Focus

Granite typically focuses on Class "B" and high "C" properties for its multifamily acquisitions, preferably in suburban locations with good access to employment centers, population growth, and strong demographics. Individual transaction size is $5 - $25 million, with asset sizes of 50-500 units. Geographically, the company prefers the West Coast, Dallas, Austin, Phoenix and Albuquerque as its primary markets but will consider other markets.

Multi-Family Residential

For the first ten years after its inception in 1995, Granite's core business was acquiring undervalued multi-family properties in the Western United States and adding value through repositioning, restructuring and improving management results. In the late 90's and early 2000's, Granite was able to acquire a number of undervalued multi-family properties in growth markets, resulting in high returns for its investors. In the early-to-mid 2000's, Granite made the decision to liquidate the majority of its multifamily portfolio due to the  strong increase in values and returned capital  with significant profits to its investors.

Since that period, Granite primarily focused its acquisition efforts on senior housing and distressed loan assets. However, as the market constantly shifts, Granite  will focus on additional opportunities in multifamily in multiple markets with solid demographics. While the global financial crisis and the severe deterioration in the residential housing market resulted in significant uncertainty in the multifamily market, specific markets have recently seen a strengthening in occupancy levels and rental rates.

The 2010 US Census data suggests that the 25-29 age group, which has the highest propensity to rent, experienced steady growth between 2000 and 2010. As economic pressures and employment levels continue to depress incomes, moderately priced rental housing (B and C class products) in growth markets is expected to provide attractive investment opportunities over the next several years. In addition, the shift of homeowners to renter households is anticipated to have a positive impact on the economics of multifamily ownership in coming years as well.


Other Investments


Depth in Other Asset Classes

Although our core investment product is Senior Housing and Multi-family, Granite has depth and experience in other asset classes. Based on economic drivers and demand, we have generated alternative real estate opportunities.

Granite continues to look for sound industrial business parks with multi-tenant occupancy which may have a value – added component. Management takeover or repositioning the asset in the marketplace with enhanced improvements can achieve strong upside for the exit strategy. In addition, Granite has a track record of sponsoring and developing self-storage facilities, predominantly in the CA and TX markets.

Granite's experience aided in establishing and owning Granite Loan Solutions as an alternative investment vehicle, purchasing distressed residential mortgages and generating solid returns for its investors prior to its sale in 2013.




Corporate Office

Granite Investment Group

2 Park Plaza, Suite 1140, Irvine, CA 92614

Phone: 949.477.5800 | Fax: 949.477.1002

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